Soccer Musings

So here are my latest bits & pieces covering the Chicago Fire and Minnesota United.

The disgusting sad match between the Chicago Fire and San Jose Earthquakes was a really downer. A 5-1 loss leaves zero positives. I guess we call that ‘character building.’

As poor as Chicago have been, Minnesota United has been brilliant. Wins in the first two matches of the second half of the season, and the only North American team to beat an EPL team this summer (2-0 over Swansea City, whereas LA Galaxy were thrashed 7-0 by Manchester United, Tottenham beat Toronto FC 3-2, Seattle labored to draw Tottenham 3-3, FC Dallas were well handled by Aston Villa 2-0, Columbus Crew squeaked by with a 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace, and Sporting Kansas City were soundly beaten by Manchester City 4-1) have turned myself & my wife into some happy Loons.

So, I’m hoping to start creating pre- and post- match reports. This weekend Minnesota take on the Atlanta Silverbacks.

@DrShelleCasey jazzed at the Minnesota United v Swansea City match

@DrShelleCasey jazzed at the Minnesota United v Swansea City match

Decorous Correspondence of Likes


Ryan Siverson’s epic photo of the Dark Clouds (@rysiphoto)

A summer weekend can be a delightful thing, yet it implies a rather disenchanting Monday. Friday I drove from Lawrence, Kansas to Plymouth, Minnesota. The wife and I were heading to see our Minnesota United FC play a friendly with English Premier League side Swansea City.

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US Open Cup Review: Chicago Fire v Atlanta Silverbacks

Hot Time in Old Town is the SB Nation site covering the Chicago Fire. It’s probably the best and most well regarded site for Chicago. That’s not to say that Fire Confidential isn’t a great resource or OTF the fan site I usually contribute to isn’t good. HTIOT just has that polished feel thanks to the SB Nation network.

Point is, I was lucky enough to have an article of mine feature in it.

Here’s my preview for Chicago Fire supporters ahead of the US Open Cup quarterfinal against the NASL’s Atlanta Silverbacks:

USOC Scouting Report: Combative Silverbacks Mirror Wynalda’s¬†Personality


On July 4th 1776 some British subjects decided they didn’t want to be that anymore. They made the decision for all colonists even though the rest of the colonists didn’t really know about it and hadn’t elected them to do so. So a war happened.

Seven years later, England said “Fuck it, we’ve got better things to do.” The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3rd, 1783.

So, in reality, it would be more accurate to call July 4th Declaration Day since all the future US did was say “Hey, we want to be independent.” Actual Independence Day was September 3rd, the day that the British admitted defeat…or, at least, said they just didn’t care enough about the North American colonies anymore.

Just sayin’

Philosophy World Cup 2014

Image from’s Twitter account @8bitfootball

There are few things I enjoy more than philosophy. Soccer is probably the only thing…and maybe beer. So this week I decided to merge the two (three if you consider I was enjoying some hoppy goodness while composing this light-hearted post). A friend from college recently sent me this comic, which is a take on the old Monty Python sketch. As undergrad philosophy major, I really dug it:

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